Why staircase lighting is necessary?


It is very dangerous and inconvenient to walk through the stairs in the dark, especially  when there are aged person and kids at home. A single fall down can be a disaster. Stair  light is appropriate for staircases to provide guiding and improve safety in the dark.


Stairways can be enhanced by modern placement of step lights not only for safety but also for decorative effect, these staircase lighting fixtures transform the beauty and ambiance of your stairs with their versatility, utility, and beauty.


Types of staircase lighting


You can light your stairs in different ways. The manner you choose will depend on your personal taste as well as Interior lighting design


Browse our vast selection of step and stair lights for your steps.


On the wall


Most stairs have lighting on a wall. 99% of all stairs are adjacent to at least one wall, which makes it very easy to provide wiring for lighting.


Recessed and mounted stair lights are very popular, which usually be placed in the lower part of a wall. As a result, the direction of the light beam will illuminate the stairs.


What is the allow height when install the stair lights? and How many step lights do you need?


We recommend that you install these stair lights 15 to 20 cm above every third step. The light will spread sufficiently and evenly illuminate the entire stairway. If you want to install the stair wall lights at a lower height, you will most likely need to install more step lights.


You dont always have to use spotlights to light stairways from the wall. You can also look for a different solution. The examples shown below use LED strips

On the Railing

Are you looking for an invisible way to light your stairway? This might be something you like. LED strips can be easily built into handrails so that the source of lighting is not visible. In addition, the height of the handrail provides excellent light distribution and light on both sides of the stairway.


On the Tread


LED strips are usually placed underneath the steps. You can create a minimalism elegant design as you cannot even see the fittings. This type of installation lights each steps evenly.LED strip lights can come in different colors, with some of them even providing a color-changing option for people that want to switch up the mood by using smart lighting control system, which can provide more options for your  stair lighting:

The smart lighting controller with motion sensors can also provides you the best features of our stair lighting system. The controller will turn on the lighting on the stairs when one of the motion sensors is triggered. The lighting will illuminate the steps immediately with the set program . After a set time the lighting on the stairs will automatically fade out and turn off.